Saturday, January 7, 2012


Almost every weekend I ask my girls the question:
Who's going to win?  The Steelers or the other team.
Zoey "knows" she is always supposed to say the Steelers and I'm pretty sure that Sadie does to, but she has found out that she can be funny by picking the other team.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Blog is Back

Ladies & Gentleman
We have an announcement....
I will not guarantee I will post each day, but I'll do my best to keep videos and/or sports and television analysis coming weekly.

The Bachelor: So Easy a Caveman Can Do It - Episode 1

I have a confession to make.  I love the Bachelor.  It is simply the best comedy on TV.  It is the one show that I openly laugh out loud to.  I have to admit that going in to this season I'm worried.  After coming off a string of unbelievable Bachelor and Bachelorette masterpieces, Ashley as the Bachelorette was the worst season in my recent memory.  To top that off, they have picked someone that I just find down right boring to be the Bachelor.  With all that said, Ben just has to be tolerable and let the ladies do all the work.

In case you are wondering what I am calling the Bachelor/Bachelorette masterpieces, here is a quick rundown:
1.  Brad Womack's first season.  I thought he was going to pass out.  What a phenomenal ending.  To pick no one at the end of a season was new, fresh, and controversial.
2.  DeAnna picking Jesse.  The moment that guy got out of the limo with the paint splattered tuxedo, I said out loud.  This guy has no chance, but the Terminator (DeAnna's nickname for having a manly voice) picked him anyhow.  It was also the season that DeAnna let Jason Mesnick get down on his knee before stopping him.
3.  Mesnick's switcheroo.  C'mon.  A season where he picks one girl and then dumps her on live TV to start a relationship with the runner up.  How great is that.  Beyond that, how about that the he and the runner up are one of the few still standing bachelor couples.
4.  Jillian's season.  Ed goes home with a few guys to go.  Comes back and wins her heart.
5.  Jake picks Vienna.  Vienna!  Crazy eyes and all.  How fake was Jake?  How crazy was Vienna?  On the wings of love this season soared.
6.  Ali's season.  Probably my favorite Bachelorette season and one of the few times that someone I thought would win actually did.
7.  Bachelor Mulligan:  Womack is back.

Enough of this.  It is on.

Boring Ben is Back
  1. Recap of last season.  Ben is boring.  Ben is in love.  He walks up to Ashley and she kisses him.  This has got to be a sure sign she is picking him.  She lets him get down on his knee, take a deep breath and say "Will you marry me and make me the happiest man on Earth?"  I think I counted to 10 before she made him stand up.  Wow.  Wow.  It was fantastic
    1. And then the most obvious response ever....."Wow, I didn't see that one coming"
    2. I love that Ben doesn't take it well.  Good for him.  I remember watching this last season and thnking that it was the first time that I actually liked him.
    3. Ashley says "You are the most interesting, smart, funny..."  Ben isn't looking for the sugarcoat treatment here.
      1. What movie did he get this line from, he had to have thought this up as a just in case response.  "Good things don't end unless they end badly"
        1. I disagree.  When you win the Super Bowl it's the end of the season and it ended well.  Just saying, but my guess is that he didn't steal that line from a sports movie.
  2. We learn Ben has no regrets and then we get a blast from the past - a shot straight out of the opening scene of Full House.  The Golden Gate bridge.  Where is Danny Tanner?
    1. Ben wears tight jeans and plain t-shirts.  My count is 7 plain t-shirts and 1 tank top that he stole from Jeff on Big Brother.
    2. Ben's father passed away and (this is not trying to be a rude comment) I'm putting the over under at 77 times that we hear about it this season
    3. OMG - they have a piano outside at the vineyard and Ben can play.  I mean really play.
    4. Not only did he steal Jeff's tank top, he stole Jake's two flannels.  Way to pull them out of the reality TV woredrobe.
  3. Enter one of my favorite TV personalities ever - Chris Harrison
    1. Is it just me or is Chris Harrison look younger every year?
      1. Possible solutions
        1. Botox
        2. Fountain of Youth
        3. Benjamin Button disease
    2. We learn that Ben's last name sounds like Flanik, so the j in Flajnik is silent
  4. A look at the women - I'm guessing the ones we see are important down the road or at least for tonight.
    1. Lindzi -C.  She says 26, but her number says 27.  I'm excited that she has a last initial.  I love having more than one girl with the same name.  Horses have taught her to get back in the saddle.
      1. Greatest story ever.  Babe, welcome to Dumpsville....population you.  I really wish we got to meet the guy that sent that.
        1. I'm still laughing.
      2. She is tired of "horsing around".  Love it.
    2. Amber T.  - She says she is 28 and her number says 29.  What's the deal?  Also, another last initial.
      1. She's kind of scary.
      2. Important notes.
        1. Was eating dirt at 5.
        2. Wants to take Ben to hometown for deer steaks and beef nuts.
          1. Beef nuts are cow balls.
      3. C'mon.  That is embarrasing.  How'd she talk her dad into eating cow testicles on TV.
        1. I'm limiting my jokes on this topic because my mom (and possibly grandmas) could be reading this blog.
  5. Kacie B. 24.  I'm starting to think they are putting everyone's last initial.  I'm a bit disappointed.
    1. Most important thing to note is that she pulls a Taylor Swift
      1. Yes, I'm talking about the heart thing she does
  6. Courtney 28.  No last initial.  My hopes are up.
    1. She a model, but not noticeably (in the looks department), but noticeably in the attitude
    2. She is competitive & superficial
      1. Make note, she is probably not here for the right reasons
  7. Jamie 25 Register Nurse.
    1. I think she might have went tanning.
    2. I like her for two reasons
      1. Nurse in labor and delivery and maternity
        1. If you don't know, a good labor and delivery nurse can really be a big time blessing.
          1. Of course with baby 3 on the way, I'm hoping for a good one again.
      2. Her circumstances - getting custody of her siblings.  Big time respect there.
        1. She says she is "no hero", but she is.
  8. Lyndsie J. 29 - Our first duplicate name.  I'm way pumped.
    1. How about neither Lindsay is spelled anything like I would have guessed.  I mean, it would have probably taken me about 40 guesses to get both spellings correct.
    2. Diplomat's daughter has lived in lots of countries
      1. Loved the video of her in the outfits from different countries
        1. "Look at these guns of mine"
  9. Jenna 27 - Free Lance Writer, but listed as blogger
    1. Wait - I can get paid for this?  Anybody care to help me with that.  I could do this as a profession!
    2. Blog called "The Overanalyst" - I like it.
  10. Shawn 28 - Financial Advisor
    1. She's got a cute kid.
      1. He's a lefty - she should be teaching him to pitch and not hit.  Lefties are always in demand in the pros.
  11. Nikki 26 - Texas girl.  Dental Hygentist.
    1. She has crazy eyes.
    2. She's divorced.
  12. On to the mansion and Ben.
    1. Getting dressed
    2. Walking beside a pool.
    3. Random hummingbird shot
  13. Chris is back and taking Ben inside to chat.
    1. Ben says boring stuff.
    2. Chris asks if Ben has ever heard of Benjamin Button.
    3. Ben's haircut drives me nuts.
      1. I haven't seen anyone part there hear like that since about 9th grade - my buddy T used to rock that style.
    4. Chris asks if Ben feels his father will be with him through all of this.
      1. My immediate response is that Chris Lambton (of previous bachelor fame) thinks he should watch for him in rainbows.
      2. Ben believes its a sign when he sees hummingbirds
        1. Explains the previous randomness of the hummingbird
        2. Honestly, I'm giggling about this.
  14. Let's meet the ladies in the limos.  I'm excited.  Ben's excited.  Chris seems excited.  Let the journey begin.
    1. I'm going to give quick assessments of each lady after the "first impression".  In means rose tonight, out means no rose.
      1. Rachel 27.  Uhm, in.  She says Ben seems "sincere, nice, honest"
        1. She forgot boring
        2. Her middle name is Rose.  I like that.  Nice touch.
      2. Erika 23.  Law Student.  In.
        1. He's guilty of being sexy (gives him the guns)
      3. Amber B. 23.  Amber Bacon - the Baconator.  In.
        1. She is Canadian.  She loves that her last name is Bacon
      4. Elyse. 24.  Personal Trainer.  Out - she may beat him up.
        1. Gonna make him sweat a little.
      5. Jenna - the blogger.  27.  In.
        1. Uh, kinda awkward.  Uhm,  silence.
        2. What do you get when you get two boring people together.
          1. Silence
        3. She misquotes him.  She must have seen a different movie.
        4. Quick shot in the house - the girls seem to be getting along and then Jenna walks in.
          1. She overanlayzes and seems to kill the mood in the room.
      6. Courtney 28 - Model - In
        1. Probably will be the funniest Ben is all year - "Come here often?" - "Yeah I've been here before"
          1. Loves his hair - Really?  C'mon.
      7. Emily 27 - PhD Student - In
        1. First kiss of the show goes to....Emily.  Hand sanitizer and breath spray.  Nice touch.  Unique intro.
        2. I'll pick her as the winner.
      8. Samantha 26 - out.
        1. Two notes.
          1. Pageant Sash - Cracks me up.  Love it.  Who does that?
          2. She gets the first high five of the season.  You go girl.
      9. Casey S. 26 - out
        1. Tall and she is wearing two dresses - one is super short and the other is see through.
      10. Amber T. 29 - In.
        1. I do like the second trip around.  In case you don't believe in love at first sight.
          1. Don't fall for it Ben - her Dad eats cow nuts.
      11. Holly - 34 - Out.
        1. Is that a typo - 34 - that can't be right.  I don't think I have ever seen anyone on the Bachelor older than me.
          1. Am I just getting really old?
            1. No way, 34 is old for a woman on this show. 
        2. From Kentucky - that hat is just awkward.
      12. Jamie 25 - In
        1. Ben's a hugger
        2. Ben is loving the brunettes.  Is it too late to take back my call of a winner?  She was blonde I think.
      13. Shira - uh, no age.  Out.
        1. I think she might be strung out.
        2. I find her creepy.
      14. Blakeley 34 - Out
        1. 34 really - what the heck?  How old is Ben?
      15. Grandma introducing Brittney 26 - In
        1. Sheryl 72 - Love the intro - unique earns you bonus points in my book
        2. She can't get the boot after he met Grandma
        3. Ben and I have something in common - We both love Grandmas
        4. Note to my Mom and Mother-in-Law:
          1. If you take my girls on a show like this, we may not talk for a few days.
            1. I know you have both watched the show and I think you understand why.
        5. Another shot back inside.  The girls are hating on Granny
          1. Amber B was funny
            1. "Smelled a lot like Grandma"
            2. Next time....(all with motions)
              1. Sash
              2. Hat
              3. Grandma (including a puppet motion)
            3. The Baconator just made a fan
      16. Nicki - Miss Crazy Eyes - Out
        1. If he doesn't boot her he is nuts
        2. Her eyes freak me out
      17. Dianna 30 - "loved the pose" - Out
        1. Forgot what she was going to say.
      18. Jennifer 28 - Out
        1. Is her hair dyed?  I'm confused by it.  It's bad.
        2. 54 dresses and that is what you settled on?
      19. Lyndsie J. - In
        1. Calls herself a dork and reads a poem...
          1. that includes "her butt-chin dimple"
            1. Wow
      20. Anna 25 - In
        1. Walks right by him.  Interesting, but I like that as well.
        2. Ben states it has got to be some sort of first
          1. Lots of those tonight for me - I'm digging this so far
      21. Monica 33 - Out
        1. What the heck - 3 girls over 30!  This is crazy.
        2. I just had to look it up.  Ben is 28.  I'm shocked that more than 5 girls are over 25 let alone 3 over 30.  Wow.
      22. Jacyln 27 - Out
      23. Shawn 28 Out
        1. We met her earlier.  She forgot her dress straps.
        2. She also patted his arm like she was his buddy.
      24. Kacie - In
        1. No sugarcoating for her.
      25. Lindzie - In
        1. Riding on a horse
        2. Ben has "never dismounted anyone off a horse before"
        3. Ben says "save the best for last"
        4. The girls hate Lindzie for riding a horse in
          1. This is going to be phenomenal.
          2. Crazy eyes Nicki is a little tipsy already
            1. Wait, I can't tell.  Is she drunk or crazy?
  15. Meanwhile, Back at the mansion
    1. Everyone discussing Ben
      1. How come no one says Ben is.....Boring
      2. Grandma wishes she was 30 years younger
        1. In her dreams, try 50 Gram
    2. Ben made a funny - "It almost worked for me"
    3. Nicki's eyes are popping out at me
      1. I'm so glad my TV is not in 3D.
    4. Do the ladies really like that hair cut
      1. I'm so confused
      2. Are they all being sarcastic or not?
      3. Megan once said that he looks like the Geico Caveman and I can't get that image out of my head
        1. Hence where the blog title comes from
    5. Rachel tells him she quit her job.  She is staying.
    6. Ben describes Nicki as "nicely bubbly"
      1. When she described him she forgets boring
      2. When he described her he forgot crazy
    7. On to Lindzi.
      1. She asks him to "tell her what he was thinking" about her entering on a horse.
        1. His response is "I heard horse hooves"
          1. Nice answer bud.
      2. She tried to make wine with store bought grapes.  Nice.
      3. He seems into her.
    8. Is that girl going to take off her hat?
    9. Girls are still killing Brittney for bringing Granny
      1. Don't talk mean about the grandparents.  Karma ladies.
      2. She mentions maybe seeing him next time at "my granddaugher's wedding"
      3. Granny starts to tear up in the limo.  It must be something about the limo, people are always crying in there
    10. That girl is still wearing her sash.  Awesomeness.
    11. His hair is so horrible.
      1. Do these girls really like it?
      2. Does anyone reading the blog like it?
        1. Is anyone reading the blog?
      3. With a little extra hair would he look like the Geico Caveman?
    12. First impression rose is out.
    13. She takes her hat off!  It's about time.  Ben tries it on.  Oh no!  Don't mess up the hair.
    14. Shawn takes him out for some soccer and I like it.
      1. She plays in heels
      2. Ben was state champion in 2001.  Nice
    15. Blakeley has a Caseyish tatoo
      1. It has a heart and the key to it on her inner forearm.
      2. Wow and love it.
        1. Guard and protect time baby.
    16. Elyse is going to knock someone out before the nights over.
      1. She seems like a brute for a lady.
    17. Dianna is going to blindfold Ben and feed him candy.
      1. Crazy Nicki says it's not ok.
      2. Amber is not happy about this.
        1. We all know what she wants to put in his mouth.
    18. Emily is shocked by the competition
      1. She is rapping.
      2. I'm laughing
      3. She just rhymed epidemioligist (no idea how to spell it)
        1. I'm impressed and a little embarrased for her.
      4. Ben liked it.
    19. The model girl says "I'm here for you"
      1. I yell "Liar"
    20. Again she says "You have great hair"
      1. I yell "Liar"
    21. Jenna is coming across as crazy as Nicki
      1. She is trying to boot some blonde girl sitting beside her. (Her name is Monica)
        1. It's awkward.
        2. Monica whispers that "I don't like her" when she is still pretty close by
    22. Now Monica is hitting on Blakeley
      1. Again its awkard.  I'm getting confused.  I'm pretty sure we are heading for another first.
        1. She's going to kiss her.
        2. I'm pretty sure her parents just called off work for the rest of the week.
          1. Imagine her dad going to work tomorrow and his coworkers saying "I saw your daughter on TV last night"
    23. Jenna is crazy - like really crazy.  Another girl is calling her sensitive, but I think she is just being nice.
      1. The hand motions are awkward.
      2. It's making some people (Rachel) uncomfortable
        1. She makes Jenna and Monica talk and it surprisingly does not go well.
      3. I think Jenna needs to go home.  She may have a mental breakdown at some point during this season.  Wait until she gets to go on a 2 on 1 date.
      4. Ben walks in on her crying.....
        1. And doesn't realize she is nuts
  16. First impression rose - horse girl
    1. It was like a reverse fairy tale.  The princess riding in on a horse.
  17. One of my favorite moments of the show - Chris comes in and dings the glass - Rose Ceremony Time
    1. First rose - Jamie - Superhero Mom/Sister - right
    2. Rachel - the mediator - Right
    3. Blakeley - Wrong.  Uhm, Ben, I think she might be into chicks and she is 34.  Two strikes.
    4. Emily - the germaphobe.  Right.  This is my picked winner.
    5. Kacie B.  - Right.  I like her.  I'll take her to the top 5.
    6. Casey S. - Wrong
    7. Britney - Right.   You knew she was getting this with Granny in tow for this show.
    8. Erica - Wrong - Uh, who is that?
    9. Shawn - The mom - Wrong
    10. Nicki - Miss Crazy Eyes divorcee.  Wrong.  What is he thinking.
    11. Jennifer - Wrong.  Her hair is dyed right?  I don't get it.  What color is that?
    12. Elyse - Wrong. Personal trainer.  She didn't punch anyone tonight.  Good.
    13. Samantha - Wrong - Sash girl.  She tries to take the rose.
    14. Courtney - Right - Model - Someone will eventually expose her for not being there for the right reasons.
    15. Jacyln - Wrong - Is he serious?  She was on my for sure boot list.
    16. Monica - Wrong - C'mon seriously?  She likes chicks.  I'm so baffled.
    17. Jenna - Right.  Who didn't see that one coming?
    18. I think I only got about 1/2 of the girls right.  Bad picking by me.
  18. He's booting a lot of chicks I thought would make it.
    1. Amber Bacon - She accepts defeat well.
    2. Lyndsie J. - She accepts defeat well too.  Butt chin and all.
    3. Miss cow testicles is gone.  Thank goodness.
      1. There is some embarrassing first night crying.
  19. This season on the Bachelor.
    1. Some amazing sites
    2. Lots of Kacie B. in previews
    3. A mystery girl - maybe an ex-girlfriend.  I love it.
    4. The model - no one likes her.
      1. Getting the "not here for the right reason" talk
        1. Called it.
      2. Also - skinny dipping in the ocean
    5. Jamie is going to have a breakdown
    6. Lots of crying and possibly a medical emergency at a rose ceremony.
    7. Some hot tub - wouldn't be The Bachelor without it.
  20. I'm excited for the season.
    1. My calls for final five are:
      1. Emily - the germophobe
      2. Kacie B. - I just think she seemed nice
      3. Courtney - We all know the girl that no one likes makes it a long way
      4. Jamie - hero mom/sister
      5. Lindzi - the equestrian.  First impression rose is going to get her far

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our house!

March 17th - Broke ground on our house!
March 29th - Block continues to be placed!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A cupcake (even the crumbs) and some gifts

Here is Sadie with her birthday cupcake:

*Sadie sings to herself!
*Zoey gives a little help with the candles
*Cupcakes are yum yum in your tum tums
Do you think she finished the cupcake?

*30 seconds in....cupcakes are good until the very last crumb
Here is Sadie opening her birthday gifts:
*28 seconds in - Sadie is way excited, but not excited enough to forget about gift #2
*Zoey is super excited about the gift Mommy let her pick out for Sadie
*Sadie is even more excited about Zoey's gift

Wednesday, February 23, 2011




Here she is waking up on her birthday.
Here Zoey is the night before singing Happy Birthday.
Here is Zoey's taping debut recording me for Sadie's birthday.
Zoey's second take.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Getting to know Zoey:
She loves all of the colors of the rainbow.
She can sing like Ariel.
Her best advice - Don't be a guppy!
If you are having tacos, invite Zoey over.


Monday, January 31, 2011

Cheering against the Packers has never been easier...

Aaron Roders must special order that turtleneck.
The last time I saw one of those was my 2nd grade school picture.

The Bachelor: Mulligan Episode 5

  1. Chris Harrison shows up right away - making his money's worth tonight
  2. Announces dates including the dreaded 2 on 1 date
    1. Makeup update
      1. Michelle looks older than 30
      2. Ashley S.  should get permanant makeup
    2. We're going to Vegas!
  3. Who is that one girl?  Seriously, no clue what her name is.
  4. Brad's ready to spend a week in Vegas to figure out his relationships
    1. He's talking to the girls and his right hand is controlling a puppet.
    2. There's another girl I didn't remember her name - its Marissa.
  5. The funeral director gets the one on one date.
    1. Ali is super jealous and has big teeth.
  6. Coming up - Emily gets to go to a race track.  How entertaining!
  7. Its a moustache still.
    1. Nice vest by the way, what is that?  Flannel and the vest aren't working for me.
  8. Brad showing some excitement and tells Shawntel that she can go into every store and buy whatever she wants.
    1. If you are going on the Bachelor, this is the date you want to be on!
    2. Brad tries on a purple blazer.
      1. Brad tells Shawntel that she looks great, Shawntel responds, "So do you"
        1. I'm watching with Megan, she responds, "She just lied to you"
          1. I laugh hysterically before agreeing with her.
      2. Back to the vest, who dressed him?
      3. Brad repeatedly says, "Put it on the counter".  Honestly, did this date have a budget?
      4. Shawntel tries on a dress she calls "classy"
        1. Brad reads his cue card, "You look incredible"
  9. Shawntel comes in and shows off her gifts.
    1. All the girls officially hate Shawntel.
    2. Ashley S - "the perfect Pretty Woman moment that every girl dreams about"
      1. Just a heads up - Julia Roberts is a hooker in that movie
    3. Marissa says "Give me a break, its your first date, you aren't a couple yet"
      1. Uh, Marissa, I didn't know your name until I read it on the TV
        1. How are your group dates going?  I'm pretty sure we won't be seeing you after tonight.
    4. Shawntel says "the bag is like $5,000" - what?  Seriously?
    5. Girl I don't know - I'm thinking its Stacey - says she is ready for diamonds to come her way.
  10. Girls discussing how the end of Shawntel's date will go.
    1. Alli makes an awesomely disgusted face.
    2. Brad shows up - he dropped the vest - looks a lot better.
  11. Brad does something he seems to never do - he takes Shawntel to a roof for dinner!
    1. Shawntel is nervous to talk about being a funeral director.....and embalmer?
      1. Didn't know he didn't know yet, I'm excited to see how this goes.
      2. Brad eating dinner and asks - what do you have to do to embalm someone?
      3. Brad says his conversation is a little different than he is used to on a first date
        1. He says Shawntel embalms deceased bodies
          1. As opposed to live ones.
      4. Shawntel says the words "leakage" and "orifices" while still talking about embalming
        1. But she continues to eat.  Brad looks like he can't take another bite
      5. Brad is laughing - nice change of pace from his usual stone-faced delivery
        1. He wants to meet Peaches her cross-eyed cat someday.
          1. Final 3 anyone?
      6. Fireworks - Michelle is shown, but not kissing anyone.
        1. I'm confused.
  12. Coming up - Emily gets to drive a race car.  How exciting?
  13. Date card shows up - the girls are nervous.  No one wants to 2 on 1.
    1. Ali celebrates not being on the 2 on 1.  Can we send Ali home please?
    2. The Ashley's draw the match up.
      1. They are so sad - they are best friends in the house.
      2. I'm excited because we get to get rid of a double name.
  14. Really ABC?  Really?  Let's torture Emily.
    1. Coming up next, we kidnap Emily's child.
    2. Coming up next, we make Emily watch video of her fiance's plane crash
  15. Brad reads cue cards as a tour guide for the race track.
    1. "We are on the very same race track..."
    2. "You are going to have the chance to race Nascar race cars today."
    3. Shuffle cue cards - "You guys wanna follow me and suit up"
  16. Michelle describes herself as fun and hot and you should see her in a race car and makes an awesome face.
  17. Rachel Berry is worried about Emily.
    1. Do you think Stacey (is that the right name?) talks ever?
    2. Brad doesn't know that Emily's fiance was into Nascar.
      1. He pulls her off to the side and here's what makes her uncomfortable being there
        1. Brad feels like a jerk for having Emily at a Nascar track.
          1. He'd like to call his therapist right now.
      2. We get to see Stacey talk (uhm, her name is Lisa).
      3. Emily gets in the race car.
        1. They fill it with rats, spiders, snakes and then set the track on fire.
          1. Whoops, never mind, they just zoom in for the close up as she cries.
  18. Eight women, just Brad, Private pool....
    1. Where's the hot tub?
    2. All the girls are super jealous of him pulling Emily aside over and over again.
      1. Alli is very vocal - "just because someone comes in with the worst story, they get the most attention?
        1. Alli just go home now, you have no chance of winning this thing.
      1. Emily and Brad have a rough conversation.  Brad's worried about living up to "the love of her life"
        1. Emily mentions Brad is a little older than her - 14 years exactly.
          1. Does she really want to win this thing?
      2. Alli to Brad - "Its hard to feel special".
        1. Best bet is definitely try dating a guy dating 11 girls.
      3. Chantal drops an accidental "love" in when talking to Brad.
        1. She says she is having feelings for this guy and he just keeps spending his time with other girls.
          1. Again - I love these people that go on the Bachelor and say things like this.
        2. Chantal is crying again.  "If you don't feel something for me, I want you to send me home"
          1. Brad, robotically, "Don't cry Babe."
          2. Chantal was tough 2 episodes ago, but now she is losing her marbles
            1. Wacko
            2. Give her your therapist's card
  19. Two girls one rose, one stays, one goes - signed Chris.
    1. Dang you Chris Harrison.  You are cruel to the Ashley's
  20. Brad loves to kiss Michelle - he really does
    1. Reminds him of trying to find that true connection
    2. He loves fireworks - bad camera angle again.
  21. Brad steals Emily one more time and throws in the word "excessive" almost throwing it in the other girls faces.
    1. I love it.
    2. Emily is almost too sweet.
  22. The Ashley date
    1. Note - Brad says "the reason I am bringing both Ashleys".  I was wondering if he was the one who picked who goes on this date or if the Bachelor staff did.
      1. I'm a bit surprised at this because I think both of these girls could be top 5 contenders.
    2. I love that he has to continually refer to them as Ashley S.  & H.
    3. I hope he boots Ashley H.
    4. Is Brad rocking Vans?
    5. Brad gets to cast the "leading lady" for tonight's show.
    6. Brad rattles of important terms - Chemistry, Trust, Teamwork, Romance - he learned from his therapist
    7. When did Brad put spandex on?
    8. 2 on 1 dates are as awkward as it gets on the Bachelor.
      1. S - loves looking at her, personality lights up a room
      2. H - solidified to himself that he really has changed
        1. Nothing better to say?
    9. Brad let's go of the 1st grade teacher in him and boots Ashley S.  At least now he can just say Ashley.
    10. S has no self-esteem
      1. Someone punched her in the stomach
      2. Pony-tailed bandanna guy gets her luggage.
        1. Way to realize you were going to be on TV
      3. She is 26.  Does she really think that there is no way love will work out for her?
        1. Really?
        2. How about in this group of girls that Ashley S. is my #2 option as the Bachelorette right now?
    11. Stars on their dressing room door - "Brad" "Ashley H."
      1. Couldn't they just put Ashley at this point?  It would have been a safe bet.
    12. As "Are you Lonesome Tonight plays" they show Ashley S in the limo on the way home.
      1. Cruel, but funny.
  23. Brad calls his therapist.
    1. Megan points out that the therapist has a land line outside - What is that?
    2. No homo - Brad has really pretty blue eyes.
    3. Therapist words - "Your loyalty is not to any of the girls, its to the mission"
    4. Brad's words - "Some very real feeling are forming, strong feelings for for a few women.  I'll tell you that is very new to me and a little scary."
      1. Therapist's words - "we need to train you how to do this"
        1. Ladies & gentleman - the man of your dreams - trained on how to have feelings and how to deal with those feeling by his therapist.
  24. Cocktail party time.  Please boot:
    1. Alli - seriously, she has no chance to win and she is hating on any time he spends with everyone but her
    2. Marissa - Uhm, what is she even doing here.
    3. Lisa/Stacey - whatever her name is.  She doesn't ever talk, so let's boot her
  25. Chantal and her cleavage show up for the cocktail party.
    1. Brad says he was shocked that every women on the Nascar date felt like they were on the Emily date.
      1. Might just be me, but I feel like I saw at least 3 girls basically say that to him during that date.
        1. Was he not reading into their not so subtle hints?
  26. Alli feels special because Brad brought her a cake that had green in it and he remembers she wore green the 1st time he saw her.
    1. She has a huge smile.  She can't stop flashing it.
  27. Brad talks to Marissa and then Britt and finally Michelle.
    1. Michelle is just being creepy....
      1. But did make me laugh when she said, now I think you should send some girls home now
  28. Chris Harrison reappears and makes a joke about breaking a party in Vegas up.
  29. Handing out roses, getting down to 8 tonight....Brad comes out and says, "What I based my decision on this evening is can i see myself with you as my wife...."
  30. First rose goes to Michelle (he likes the crazy chicks), Alli (Ugh, next week on the bachelor, more whining about not feeling special), Britt (didn't see much of her this episode), Jackie (Doesn't this girl seem too normal for this show?  What is her big secret we haven't heard yet?), and the final rose goes to Chantal O (Nice dress).
  31. Booted - Lisa.  Sorry I got your name wrong the whole episode.
    1. Hard to like a guy and not have enough time to express yourself.  Try talking next time Stacey!
  32. Booted - Marissa.  Feels rejected.  She left a lot behind to come there.  Oh Marissa, poor girl.
  33. SPOILER ALERT - Do not watch the "Coming Up on the Bachelor" section if you don't want to find out most of whats going to happen the rest of the way.
  34. Coming up on the bachelor....
    1. Ashley H talks and its annoying.
    2. Shawntel makes sad faces while watching Brad being eaten alive by Michelle.
    3. Brad talks about meeting families with Emily
    4. Shawntel drops the word "love" and finds a pulse on Brad
      1. Just in time, she was about to get her chemicals

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Here is Zoey getting ready to put our SOLD sticker on the lot for our new house.
Here are a few pictures of the new lot.  Hope we have good neighbors!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Libby!

My niece Libby turns 1 on the 27th!  Here are the girls singing her a special song!

Highlights of the video include:
*35 seconds in - Zoey crosses her legs.  Watch Sadie about 2 seconds later.
*1 minute 30 seconds in watch for Sadie to tell you how old Libby is going to be!
*2 minutes in, Sadie charges the camera, but don't forget about Zoey in the background!
*Zoey dusts off and finishes strong.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Sadie tells you the names of all  of her favorite books.  If you have kids or are planning to one day, I recommend all of these books.  Both Zoey and Sadie love them and usually help "read" along.

Pout-Pout Fish
Miss Mary Mack
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Where the Wild Things Are - my favorite part of the video is when Sadie "rolls" her terrible eyes.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Bachelor: Mulligan Episode 4

My thoughts on Episode 4:

  1. Crazy Michelle has a black eye.  No camera footage of what happened?
  2. Chris Harrison hasn't shown up yet, but we still get some morning footage to help us realize:
    1. Ashley S. is Ghostface until she puts on makeup.
    2. Shawntel looks like Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby
  3. I think they have put 5 new girls in the competition - who are those girls?
  4. Chris Harrison shows up - nice sweater.  I think he stole that off Frank from Ali's season.
  5. 1st date card - Chantal O.
    1. she decides to rock a t-shirt.
  6. Meghan's glasses are huge.  She could have 4 eyes and still have enough space to see out of them.
  7. Ashley S. says in her charmin' southern accent that she wishes she gave Michelle the black eye.  It might have been meant mean, but it came out very sweet.
  8. Brad picks up Chantal in a helicopter - I officially have my Valentine's Date idea.
  9. Chantal mentions being terrified or scared a billion times this week
    1. Uhm, I might be crazy, but wasn't Chantal the one that said she was tough last week?
  10. Brad has something in store for Chantal that will make them feel like they are completely out of the real world.
    1. Great idea.  That will help you once you go back to real life instead of this crazy helicopter ride fantasy dates.
    2. Nothing more romantic than the murky SEA floor.
    3. OMG - Chantal is freaked out getting in the water.  If she was only a tough girl.
    4. I think they saw Koi in the water - is this a pond?
  11. Chantal makes the 1st list for the season - she is the 1st to say that she could be Chantal W. by time this thing is over.  If you don't know the W stands for Womack.
  12. 2nd date card shows up - Michelle threatens violence if she doesn't get a 1 on 1 date.
  13. Brad seems like a robot.
    1. Reading cue cards:  "I truly want to share my life with somebody....I really do."
    2. Chantal O - I like you a lot.
    3. Brad looks up, finds his cue card:  "I like you a lot too, no doubt about it, absolutely no doubt about it."  All of this is said with 0% emotion.
    4. Next cue card - "Kiss"
  14. Michelle getting a little crazy talking to Ashley S. (who has got a little makeup on, she isn't totally ghostface, she just kind of looks pale)
  15. Chantal O. apologizes for slapping Brad and Brad makes a few imprompu jokes without a cue card.
    1. Very impressive work from Brad here, I didn't think he had any part of a personality in him.
  16. Chantal makes up the fact that rain is good luck
    1. I think she might have been thinking about on a wedding day.
    2. Although I'm official considering rain as good luck no matter when it happens.
      1. Also, just a heads up, if you see a rainbow after the rain, its Chris' (from Ali's season) mom watching over you.
    3. Wonder what she thinks snow means?
  17. Awkward date alert - The lucky group date goes to chat with Dr. Drew and then hot tub afterwards.
  18. Brad brings up therapy and learning to open up.
    1. Judging from his use of catchphrases like "safe space" - he has definitely had enough therapy
    2. I'm still judging his facial hair as a moustache.
  19. Stacey shows up.  I'm not sure when she came on the show.
  20. Ashley H. annoys the other girls
    1. And annoys me too.  I hope he boots her soon.
  21. Meghan turns into a therapist for Alli - "he clearly wants to get to know you better".
    1. Alli sits down with Brad for 30 seconds and the Charmin' Ashley S. steals him away.
      1. Alli blows off the hug request from Ghostface.
      2. How come Brad doesn't just say - "Give me a few more minutes'
  22. Brad is psyched that all the girls want to talk to him tonight
    1. Dumb dumb alert - Brad you are the Bachelor, do you think the girls would just want to sit in the hot tub and chat with each other?
  23. Emily reads Michelle's date card.
    1. Michelle is still crazy.
    2. Funeral director Shawntel is shown again.  Seriously Brad, boot her.
  24. Rachel Berry and Stacey explain to us that Ashley H. is a little loopy.
    1. Please don't tell Stacey how she feels.  Don't tell her how she feels because you don't know how she feels.
  25. Britt tells Brad that she has a crush on him.  That is basically all they say and then he tells her to kiss him.
    1. I'm pretty sure that they don't know anything about each other.
      1. I know what Brad stocks in his fridge - eggs, turkey, and water.  I bet Britt doesn't know that.
  26. Brad goes to give out the rose, Ashley H. interrupts by making a odd growling noise, and Brad decides to change who gets the rose.  It goes to Britt - "You told me it intimidates you to talk to me, but you still do it.  We share great kisses" and you have no idea anything about me, but its ok.
  27. Michelle is annoyed that its her day and the only talk is about Ashley H.
    1. I'm annoyed too.  I'm sick of Ashley H.
    2. I'm also annoyed that Michelle is annoyed.  She is getting old.
    3. Brad shows up and pulls Ashley H. off to the side.
      1. He asks Michelle if she minds, she pauses a second and millons of response run through her mind, before saying she doesn't mind
      2. Michelle threatens violence again - elbowing Ashley H. in the face.
        1. I'm encouraging it because they have both become played out and maybe both will have to go.
  28. 2nd helicopter ride of the episode.  Nothing like seeing skyscrapers from a helicopter.
  29. Michelle is afraid of heights, lets send her on the date from Hell by having here rappel from a tall building.
    1. Great idea ABC.  Great idea Bachelor.  Great idea Brad.
    2. If you ever go on the Bachelor, never tell them your real fear or they will exploit it.
  30. Mr. Spontaneous jumps in the pool with his clothes on again.
    1. He kisses Michelle in the pool.
      1. Must be another bad camera angle - no fireworks are visible.
    2. Michelle - talking to the camera - she fake punches and then makes some hand gesture I've only seen in rap videos.  What was that?
  31. Brad calls Michelle a "mature woman".  Obviously, he realizes that she is about 6 years older than all the other girls.
    1. In case you missed it, Michelle is 30.
    2. Brad tells Michelle he is willing to walk away in the end if there are two women he doesn't see forever with left at the end.
      1. I don't believe him.  America hated him last time and there is no way he is willing to do it again.
    3. Brad gives Michelle a rose - saying he could see his life working out well with her.
      1. Brad uses a version of the line "kiss me" on Michelle, its the 3rd time he used this command tonight
  32. Chantal O. drops the famous Bachelor line...."If he picks Michelle, then he isn't the right guy for me"
  33. Thereapist alert.  His therapist is definitely issued by ABC.  He tells Brad to kiss the girls if he wants to and says if they want to kiss him, fantastic.
    1. I think he also just prescribed helicopter rides and hot tubs to help develop romantic connections.
  34. Cocktail party time.  Please boot:
    1. Ashley H. - ugh, she is just so annoying.
    2. Shawntel - she looks like a boxer and is a funeral director.  Get rid of her Brad, seriously.  What are you thinking?
    3. Meghan - no chance she wins.
    4. Stacey - I'm sick of looking her name up everytime she comes on screen.
  35. Brad thinks Shawntel has a comforting look.  Not sure what that means, but I am pretty sure I disagree.  Boot her.  She sees dead people.
    1. Shawntel kisses Brad.
      1. Brad's therapist is thrilled.
  36. Brad talks to Meghan.  She feels confident about getting a rose.  I don't feel as confident for her.  I tried to get her booted last episode.
  37. Brad steals Emily away.  I'll be surprised if they come back.
    1. Chantal O. just feels like she got punched in the stomach.  Its a good thing she is tough.
      1. Nevermind, she is crying.  That gut punch must have really hurt.
      2. Chantel talks to Brad and asks if she needs to seem more needy.  Small talk and a little kissing makes everything ok.
    2. All the girls are not feeling good about the Emily situation.  They all seem to think that they are chasing her as their competition.
      1. If I were the other girls, I would probably just walk away.
  38. Chris Harrison shows up.  Wonder how much he gets paid.  He gets about 1 minute of air time per episode - 1st date card, quick section before handing out the roses, and then announcing the final rose.
  39. On to the handing out of roses....Ashley S (wearing makeup for the cocktail party), Alli, Emily (shocker!), Shawntel (ugh), Lisa (where did she come from?  Is she really dull enough to not say anything all season?),  Rachel Berry (Jackie), Marissa (who is that new girl), here comes Chris Harrison, final rose.....Its between Meghan, Stacey, Ashley H., Linsday.....Ashley H. (I typed that before he even said it).
  40. Meghan - its a blow to her ego.  She says "sucks for her" - handles herself very well as far as exits go for this show.
  41. Stacey - She'll find the right guy soon.  Handles hersef pretty well also.
  42. Lindsay - disappointing.  Rejection is always hard.  A few tears, her dad is going to be proud for being the daughter that her parents raised her to be.
  43. Very disappointing exits - where is the meltdown?
  44. Next week - Las Vegas.  Fireworks.  I'm guessing he kisses Michelle.
  45. Next week - Nascar race date - Emily is on it.  ABC/Bachelor is just cruel.  First the date getting on a plane, now the Nascar date.  Disgusting.
  46. Next week - Chantal O. cries again.  Sheesh.
  47. My final 5 guess:
    1. Emily - Morgan, I'll tape your video to send in to the Bachelorette.  I'm still cheering for her exit in the final 5.
    2. Michelle  - he's already asked to meet her daughter, that means she needs to make the hometown dates
    3. Britt - they already know each other so well
    4. Chantal O.  - tough, not needy, but totally emotional.  exactly the kind of girl that seems like she could use Brad's therapist.
    5. Ashley S. - unless he sees her Ghostface before then.